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Who Hires Sheryl?

Overall, the parents who hire Sheryl have children ranging in age from infancy through young-adulthood, and are looking to:

  • Find effective parenting solutions that combine reliable information with the family’s unique personalities, dynamics and circumstances
  • Alleviate feelings of being overwhelmed, alone, frantic, inadequate, discouraged, exasperated, worried about their children’s prospects
  • Put joy back into their lives and family relationships
  • Work better as a team with their spouse/partner and/or other supports
  • Make self-care a priority as a necessity for parenting well
  • Create a calm, nurturing, connected family life for all to thrive

Specifically, parents hire Sheryl to help them with many issues, including:

  • Transitions, i.e. entering a new phase of development, school, life
  • Misbehaviors, i.e. power struggles, defiance, back-talk
  • Children’s life-skills, i.e. cooperation and independence relative to sleep, hygiene, chores, family life, school, homework, friendships, siblings
  • Personal growth as a parent, i.e. learning how to appropriately balance tendencies to fix, control, manage, and be everything for everybody
  • External and internal pressures to have it all, do it all, be the smartest and best at everything, now
  • Management of technology, media and peer influence
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