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Sheryl’s commitment to maintaining complete confidentiality with her clients has led to her decision to not use their names for their testimonials.

Read on for a sampling of her clients’ praise.

“My sessions with Sheryl have provided invaluable guidance for me in specific situations as well as in the broad outlook for teaching my children the values I want them to take into the world. Through the process I have seen the relationship between my boys improve as well as my confidence as a parent grow. I am a happier parent thanks to Sheryl’s direction, knowing I have the tools and her support to guide me.”

–Mother of two (15 months and 5 years) experiencing challenges with sibling relationships and her own struggle to balance household demands with children’s needs

“Sheryl’s coaching has helped me enormously to be a more proactive, competent and empathetic parent to a very difficult child. I highly recommend her to anyone who would appreciate assistance in becoming the parent they strive to be. Sheryl brings to parent coaching a unique blend of clinical knowledge, experience, insight, warmth and a wonderful sense of humor that always results in new or renewed feelings of energy, empathy and competence. Her wonderfully written session summaries clarify issues, highlight the positive and provide an additional source of motivation and enthusiasm for the sometimes-difficult parenting process. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to be a more proactive, thoughtful parent.”

–Mother of a young teen diagnosed with Aspergers

“Sheryl’s questions and insights all worked together to lead to some vivid and multi-layered illuminations for me. Sheryl enabled me to value myself in a way I never had before as a parent. It energized me! I was so strongly supported in this process that I came away healthier, physically, mentally and emotionally, ultimately enriching my family!”

–Mother of teen and pre-teen, addressing issues related to children’s self-worth, parents’ self-care and media/technology use

“I would recommend Sheryl’s expertise to any parent. Sheryl has guided me in becoming a more aware and understanding mother. She has been on-target in analyzing the different family situations that we discuss. She has demonstrated great compassion and patience and has consistently remained non-judgmental. I am always struck by her intuition. I am also always rejuvenated after our sessions and have a better understanding of what I need to do to make my family and our relationships stronger and fuller. Thank you, Sheryl!”

–Mother of a teen and pre-teens dealing with extreme impulse control, motivation and sensory issues

“Through Sheryl’s group parent coaching workshops, I learned new ways of thinking about and talking with my children. In the larger group, Sheryl was able to engage each parent in the process of self-reflection, participation and brainstorming. In the small group, we had fun and grew closer, going into more depth about our challenges, strengths and the new parenting tools we were going to try. In both settings, Sheryl’s warmth, positive approach, deep listening, and well-timed sharing of knowledge led each participant to new insights and a personalized action plan. I know for me, as well as for the others I keep in touch with, the plans have been extremely effective. I highly recommend her parent coaching, in any setting.”

–Mother, attended in-home workshop for group of moms of 12 y.o. Girl Scouts; and PTO hosted workshop

“Sheryl Stoller is an amazing parent coach and a remarkable woman! Her caring concern, keen intelligence and creative spirit combine to design a highly productive, result-oriented coaching experience. Her integrity is impeccable and her dedication to families, unwavering. Those fortunate enough to be coached by Sheryl are in for a profound experience and a deep blessing.”

–Gloria DeGaetano, Founder and Executive Director, The Parent Coaching Institute

“Instead of getting frustrated and angry, I’ve become more patient, understanding, and able to use each situation as a teaching moment on how to handle life’s challenges. Parent coaching with Sheryl is a great way to get help with things that you’re dealing with at the moment, by discussing challenges with someone who understands and doesn’t judge, and by learning which behaviors are age appropriate. Being able to talk about specific incidents really helped me as opposed to listening to someone describe abstract behavior. I now have tools I can use in many different situations that arise every day. I learned about myself, and how to get (better at being able to) react to certain behaviors and situations they way I want to. I most enjoyed learning tools to use in many different situations that arise every day, as well as learning about myself, and teaching myself how to react to certain behaviors and situations.”

–Mother of 3 y.o. with willful opinionated strong temperament and 1 y.o., more easy-going

“I greatly appreciated the guidance in figuring out what I want to take a stand on. I am much more mindful of my interactions, filled with hopefulness, have changed habits and ways of thinking, and have better relationships with my kids. This process with Sheryl is a great fit for all different challenges – it helps you create a healthier more fulfilling family life and relationships.”

–K.T. Mother of 3 girls, preteens and teens

“I highly recommend Sheryl Stoller. In a recent workshop, I learned so much about how to adjust my parenting style to empower my kids to make good choices. My kids are 8 and 10 and I am preparing them now for the challenges of today and tomorrow and this workshop helped me with this monumental task. The workshop allowed me to talk about examples of at-the-moment parenting challenges and to come up with new ways to approach difficult situations. Sheryl also is well versed in child psychology and best practices and is able to help you apply it all in a realistic and nurturing way. I have the sense now more than I ever have that it doesn’t have to be this way – that I can change my approach. It’s not easy, but a few simple concepts can go a long way. I am definitely thinking much more consciously about how I respond to my boys. The reinforcement Sheryl provides felt particularly important. She knows her stuff and helped us apply it in a realistic and nurturing way. My advice to other parents about Sheryl’s parent coaching – Do it!”

–Mother of temperamental 10 and 8 year old boys, one diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum

“I grew as a parent. I am more patient and less controlling. I think more before I react, give my children more autonomy and coach them rather than dictate. There were quite a few concepts that had a big impact in enabling me to make those changes. Everyone can use a little help in this area – the process of parent coaching with Sheryl makes you feel more confident.”

–C.R. Mother of teenaged son and daughter

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