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Sheryl offers individual and couples parent coaching, as well as group parent coaching, workshops and presentations.

Her area of concentration is supporting parents of children who are “more” – heightened emotions, thoughts and behaviors.

Individuals and Couples

Sessions take place either by phone or in person and last one hour. After each session, Sheryl provides clients with a written follow-up that reinforces highlights of the session, including the self-designed step(s) clients have committed to for the week ahead. While 10 – 12 sessions are usually optimal for reaping the full benefits of her coaching, Sheryl aims to creatively accommodate whatever time and fee constraints you face.

Topics Often Covered

  • Self-care as the foundation for parenting well
  • Parenting Styles, Children’s Learning Styles and the Meshing of the two
  • Ages/Stages of Development for understanding behaviors in context
  • Connected Communication & Collaborative Problem-Solving to build trusting relationships and lifelong interpersonal skills
  • Limit-Setting / Logical Consequences, combining valid reliable research with parents’ values, concerns and goals
  • Sibling Relationships to nurture mutual care, support and considerate interactions
  • Life Transitions as opportunities for profound positive growth
  • Motivation Development to inspire self-direction and perseverance
  • School Personnel and Parent Relationships, enhancing the effectiveness of the collaboration for the benefit of the child
  • Technology and Media, effectively using both to enhance life
  • And More

Group Parent Coaching, Workshops and Presentations

Sheryl customizes the content, format, location and number of sessions to the composition and needs of the groups. Her group coaching, workshops and presentations are often privately sponsored. To learn more, read on. To register or to retain her for sessions, workshops or presentations for your group, please contact her here.

Sheryl designs her workshops to be:

  • Interactive, eliciting creative participation
  • Informative, providing relevant knowledge and perspective
  • Inspiring, renewing energy, hope and confidence
  • Practical, guiding participants to write a plan for using new approaches for existing challenges

Informal Groups / Workshops include sessions with:

  • Pre-existing parent groups, such as playgroups, Girl Scout troops, book clubs, close friends
  • Parents of children of a particular age
  • Parents concerned with particular issues

Institutional / Organizational sponsors and venues include:

  • Schools
    • Pre-schools, Elementary, Middle Schools, High Schools
    • Parent Coordinators
    • School Administrations
    • PTOs/PTAs
    • Executive Directors, Boards
    • Public, private
  • Hospitals
  • Physicians’ Practices
  • Community Centers

See a sampling of Sheryl’s workshops and institutional clients.

Follow the “Contact Sheryl” link below to explore any of the coaching options with her.

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