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In response to the escalation of pressures on parents and children (i.e., from academics for babies to media’s normalization of sex, drugs and alcohol for young and pre-teens), Sheryl Stoller, PCI Certified Parent Coach™ and Founder of Stoller Parent Coaching, is offering a unique opportunity for parents to participate in free group conference calls on a weekly basis. The initiative, called “PARENTS RE-GROUP™“, aims to insure that parents have a reliable place, time and way to cool off, think clearly, and reemerge, ready for their parenting week ahead. With her expertise and warmth, using universal principles that apply across ages and issues, Sheryl guides the calls to provide parents with the soft place to land, validation, inspiration, and ideas that revitalize them for great parenting. She also aims to foster a supportive community of parents, which she and they create together.

With PARENTS RE-GROUP™ as their behind the scenes clear-thinking forum, parents are able to both prevent and respond in more optimal ways to their trying parenting moments. Sheryl Stoller is the parent of three children whose temperaments and ways of processing the world had been a huge challenge to her and her husband. She, and he, felt isolated. Now, as a PCI Certified Parent Coach™ and sought after parenting expert (i.e., see Illinois Chapter of American Pediatrics Winter 2011 Quarterly Journal article on parent coaching and NBC Channel 5 weekend Morning News appearance) Sheryl has increasingly felt the desire to help parents have the support they need, just days away from whenever they need it. The calls are offered four times a month: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month at 1:30pm CST; and 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month at 8:30pm CST.

Call Sheryl or email sheryl@stollerparentcoaching.com to receive the PARENTS RE-GROUP™ Calls access codes.

Feel free to Contact Sheryl with your requests.

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