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Sheryl’s Background In
Supporting Parents of Gifted

-The Center For Identity Potential – Park Ridge, IL

– Brought in as The Center’s parent coach, serving parents of the gifted children / gifted with learning differences (2E) children, whom the therapists at The Center serve. January, 2016 to present
– Contact: sheryl@stollerparentcoaching.com or be4parents@gmail.com

Beyond Expectations
A resource for parents when children’s abilities, sensibilities and behaviors go beyond

– Founder, 2013
– Contact: be4parents@gmail.com

– SENG Model Parent Group Facilitator

– Certified, 2012
– SENG: Supporting the Emotional Needs Of Gifted.

– SENG Trainings and Seminars completed – partial list

– The Anxious Family, 2014 with Dan Peters, PhD – 2E Specialist

– Behaviors: ABC’s of Emotions: Anxiety, Behavior and Coping Skills, 2014 with Dan Peters, Ph.D. and Larry Davis

– The Effects of Perfectionism on Gifted Children, 2014 with Rosemary Callard-Szulgit, Pd.D.

– How to Recognize and Prevent Educational Disengagement, 2014 with Melissa Bilash and Jennifer Nance

– When Lazy Doesn’t Make Sense, 2014 with Cynthia Z. Hansen, M.Ed.

– Fostering Motivation, 2012, with Lisa Van Gemert – Gifted Youth Specialist

– Anxiety in the Gifted, 2012, with Susan Jackson – Founder of Daimon Institute for the Highly Gifted

– Depression in the Gifted, 2012, with James Webb, PhD – Preeminent Gifted Specialist

– Whole Brain Child

– PESI Sponsored Seminar, 2013, with Tina Bryson

– Three children, each with own gifted-ness, measurable and not

Sheryl’s three children span various gifts. Some were obvious and measurable, such as IQ, math and verbal abilities. Others were harder to quantify. Sheryl knows the joys those gifts can bring to a family. She also knows the frustrations, anger and sense of inadequacy that arise when children’s abilities present as unacceptable behaviors – for example, acting out in school fueled by boredom or frustration, or refusing to follow instructions, having reasoned through an alternative more to their liking. Sheryl brings her personal experience, professional training and relevant up-to-date research to others so they can flourish without unnecessary anguish, heartache or squandering of potential.

To contact Sheryl about Gifted issues, please email her directly at:



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