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Emotional Disarmament

Hear ourselves deeply at the core. We have a new President of the United States of America. Turn towards what we are feeling.
Then – turn towards what I’ll call:
Emotional Disarmament.
First uncover and have compassion for our own unmet core need(s) that are screaming to be heard and addressed. Then:
Hear them to get at their unmet core need(s). Don’t have to agree with their conclusions, perspectives, methods. Hear them. Getting to a mindset of:
“Yes, you did force me to recognize you are here.  My part in this is I didn’t authentically hear or see you earlier.
It’s now coming clear how much pain you’ve been in.
I get how from your vantage point it looks like “x(s)” is/are the source(s) of your pain.
Let’s look at that.
Let’s uncover the underlying unmet needs your decisions have been trying to address.
Seeing how your core human needs are similar to ours, we will give birth to positive possibilities that we could not possibly have envisioned alone in our separate corners.
You’ve succeeded at forcing us to see you, and to shift our system. Let’s get to work to make this family/America great by doing it better together.”
Emotional disarmament, to me, appears to be the most promising path forward. As a nation. In our families.  
We are modeling the way forward, in any given moment.
With love and confidence in all of us to evolve,
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