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Holding Back – How hard is how sweet its fruit

Even though this is about a young adult, it plays out when children are very young, and everywhere in between as well. A potentially life-pivoting loaded event has recently come and gone in my young adult child’s life. And I haven’t heard a peep. The alarm bells went off in my head. Parts of my […]

Breath happens. Our dog happened. Portals to Good happen.

It’s getting me through – along with the “Receive (all I need)” on inhale, and “Release (all that does not serve me well)” on exhale; for renewal on inhale and relief on exhale. I went on a journey this morning. Fog thick outside; Walking with our dog, my mind in fear of what appears to […]

Emotional Disarmament

Hear ourselves deeply at the core. We have a new President of the United States of America. Turn towards what we are feeling.   Then – turn towards what I’ll call:   Emotional Disarmament.   First uncover and have compassion for our own unmet core need(s) that are screaming to be heard and addressed. Then: […]

Collisions inside parents’ minds

Every moment was a collision of demands that needed tending – emotions, dishes, sorting, cleaning, things to get, projects, feelings, commitments to activities, to people, to homework, to places to be, and the list goes on. What is your list? Which demand or responsibility typically gets your attention? When it all collides, which wins out? […]

Collisions inside children’s minds

My family’s journey is a cautionary tale on two counts: of having been “sleeping” and of having children who were internally experiencing such disparities in abilities and sensitivities in their own little mind/body/spirit, that they themselves generated the internal judgment and distorted conclusions that society promulgates externally – i.e., you’re not enough, you’re unworthy. This […]

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