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Breath happens. Our dog happened. Portals to Good happen.

It’s getting me through – along with the “Receive (all I need)” on inhale, and “Release (all that does not serve me well)” on exhale; for renewal on inhale and relief on exhale.

I went on a journey this morning. Fog thick outside; Walking with our dog, my mind in fear of what appears to be likely pain and suffering for many; Asked myself to be here now and breath. Intermittently succeeded. Let my dog run free in fenced in yard. He ran with abandon as if a puppy – doesn’t know he’s over 15.  Had to laugh, to be here now. The thought “Good happens” occurred to me and my tears finally flowed free with abandon.  We got our dog fifteen years ago at a very hard scary time in our family’s evolution.  The fact of getting our dog was a portal for a child to – good can happen.  And as dark as times were then, is as flourishing they are now in terms of our children being equipped to experience whatever comes.  Breath happens. Your version of our dog happens. Portals to Good happen.  That’s my lifeline. It’s the lifeline that enabled me to let myself feel my feelings.  Wishing the same for you.



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