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Upcoming Events

  • COMING THIS FALL “Getting A Hold of Yourself” Online Series 

Guidance in compassionately bringing the you you like – the you when you are “on”, handling whatever comes your way with brilliance, ease, and connection – to the everyday challenges that you and your children face.

Returning to your true authentic self is the foundation for serving your family best.  I will be covering:

How to catch and know what is rising in you early enough to choose wisely before reacting;

How to attune and connect even when you aren’t and don’t really want to;

How to accept what is here and now to optimize the moment, planting seeds for flourishing future;

How to create boundaries built upon clarity of your own inner boundaries and needs, and on connection with your child’s underlying developmental needs and skill-gaps

In other words – How to consistently be the parent you want and need to be – for your sake and your children’s.

Online Webinar
Private FB Group for sharing experiences, providing support to each other, and receiving Sheryl’s support
Audio recordings available
Mention “Website Announcement” in an email to Sheryl@stollerparentcoaching.com to receive gift of $97 series fee

  • Fun with “First Feelings FingerPrints”, Our Here-and-Now Superpower
    Fun, inspiring, adult-savvy, child-friendly processes: Learn songs, gestures, and mindfulness and self-compassion practices for promoting self-awareness and healthy processing of “First Feelings Fingerprints” (Elias, et. al) – the bodily signs that survival mode is turning on. Open to the public free of charge with RSVP – Collaboration for Early Childhood 2017 “Here-and-Now” Symposium 
    Collaboration for Early Childhood Symposium, Oak Park, IL
    February 25, 2017 
         Collab4Kids details and registration
  • Three Keys to De-escalating and Preventing Reactive Anger and Worry  
    This is for parents who would appreciate support in creating a consistent shift in mindset, words, and deeds – prioritizing Self-Calming and Self/Inner-Care; getting themselves to actually pause in the heat of the moments of life; and using self-talk templates in the service of self-calming and inner-care in the midst of the many potentially angering and worrisome situations of everyday life. 
    Open to the public, voluntary contribution, Community Wellness Center of LaGrange
    Community Wellness Center, LaGrange, IL
    February 28, 2017  
         3-Keys, Center’s details and registration

New Association

I am honored that in addition to my private practice, I have been brought on by Andrew Mahoney, founder of The Center for Identity Potential, as the parent coach at The Center, coaching the parents of the gifted children and gifted children with learning differences (2E) whom the therapists at The Center serve.

Please feel free to contact me at

Sheryl@stollerparentcoaching.com or (708)358-8289

to ask any questions you might have about my work with parents of gifted/GTLD(2E) whether through my private practice or with The Center.





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