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About Sheryl

Professionally and Personally – Sheryl brings out the best in others and gives the best she has. By nature, she listens without judgment, sees and nurtures positive perspectives and enables others to do the same for themselves. She readily picks up on opportunities to be playful and creates an energizing chemistry that elicits smiles. Her challenging journey as a parent, guiding three children through their difficult transitions, has proven to be an extremely powerful source of hope, compassion and insight for clients as well as friends.

The combination of her personal attributes, life experience, and academic and professional training makes Sheryl an extremely effective parent coach. She has had a profoundly positive impact on the numerous families who have turned to her for support and guidance.

Her Approach – Providing a warm relationship and customizing the pacing and the process itself to fit her client’s personal style and needs, Sheryl enables parents to trust what they already know, integrate pertinent knowledge and try out new ways of parenting.

Academic Education

  • The Parent Coaching Institute, graduate level program, created in collaboration with Seattle Pacific University; recognition for exemplary coaching and mastery of material and process
  • Masters in Business Administration, Boston University; with honors; Marketing Research
  • B.A. Tufts University, magna cum laude; anthropology and art history

Parent Training Programs

  • For “gifted”-related, see “Gifted sub-specialty” section
  • First Aid Kit for Counseling Parents on Child & Teen Tantrums, Noncompliance & Fighting, accredited Cross Country Education seminar, Doug Ruben, PhD. 2010
  • Smart but Scattered: Executive Disfunction at Home & School, accredited PESI seminar, Richard Guare, PhD, LP. 2010
  • Very Best Treatments for ADHD & Processing Disorders, accredited PESI seminar, Susan Fralick-Ball, PhD, PsyD. 2009
  • The Art of Positive Parenting, an Action for Children training seminar series based on the work and book of the same name by Mickey Tobin
  • S.T.E.P. The Parent’s Handbook seminar series based on work and book by Dinkmeyer Sr., McKay and Dinkmeyer Jr., building upon work of Rudolf Dreikurs, M.D.
  • All Kinds of Minds, a seminar by Mel Levine, M.D., Orton Dyslexia Society Conference
  • How to Talk So Children Will Listen and Listen So Children Will Talk seminar series based upon work and book by Mazlish and Faber
  • Siblings Without Rivalry seminar series based upon work and book by Mazlish and Faber
  • Tuesday’s Child, a three-month parent-child training program based upon a behavioral model, originated in association with Children’s Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL
  • ScreamFree Parenting Collaborative Conversation with Hal Runkin and PCI graduates
  • Training Related to Gifted Click “Gifted sub-specialty” tab on the left
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