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“Everyone Loses In a Power Struggle”

November 8th, 2011 & November 1st, 2011

More Questions To Consider

  • How does your child know that what you’re asking of him/her stems from your having his/her well-being in mind, and not from your need for power?
  • How does your child’s conclusion about whether you are acting from concern for his/her well-being or from your need for power affect his/her willingness to listen to you now and later?
  • How have you, and how could you in the future, communicate caring and connection, not power, while setting limits and consequences?

Questions To Consider

  • How can you use the knowledge that everyone loses in a power struggle to help you prevent that struggle from occurring?
    • When in the past have you successfully prevented yourself from getting sucked into a power struggle?
    • How did you manage that self-control?
    • What did you do instead?
    • How could you apply what worked in the past to future hot buttons?
  • What enables your child to understand that what you are asking him to do stems from your “getting” him and what he’s going through?
  • What enables your child to understand that you have his well-being in mind?

I invite you to join us for reliable support as you strategize & decide on the doable steps you will take to make use of this knowledge. As the demands of the school year increase and of the holiday season mount, think how much better the months ahead will be when you let yourself make a space in which to take this time to think through your approach(es).

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