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Prioritizing hard? This will make it easy – if you let it

I miss what could have been – moments of fun, shared enjoyment of simple experiences – with my mother who recently passed.  It took us MY lifetime of growing, and her growing, to figure out how to be with each other without falling into pits of pain-traps. We reached the cleanest level of energy between […]

Collisions inside parents’ minds

Every moment was a collision of demands that needed tending – emotions, dishes, sorting, cleaning, things to get, projects, feelings, commitments to activities, to people, to homework, to places to be, and the list goes on. What is your list? Which demand or responsibility typically gets your attention? When it all collides, which wins out? […]

Collisions inside children’s minds

My family’s journey is a cautionary tale on two counts: of having been “sleeping” and of having children who were internally experiencing such disparities in abilities and sensitivities in their own little mind/body/spirit, that they themselves generated the internal judgment and distorted conclusions that society promulgates externally – i.e., you’re not enough, you’re unworthy. This […]

Safe Harbors and My 27 y.o. son during bomb scare

How much would you give to have a safe harbor for your children? The hard truth is that a safe harbor is hard to come by in this current traumatized world.  This past Friday, one of my sons was the safe harbor for the children in childcare at the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital during the multiple […]

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