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  • Responding Rather Than Reacting
    This workshop will give you the foundation for creating the keystone habits of pausing, and of honoring yourself and your child. You will be learning and creating scripts for thoughts, words, and deeds that both prevent reacting and replace those impulses with better ways of serving the wellbeing of you and your child in the everyday moments of living. Open to the public free of charge with RSVP
         Parenthesis Family Center/ NewMoms, Oak Park, IL
         January 23, 2017
         Details and registration or Call 708-848-2227


  • Role of Parent Coaching In Optimizing Potential
    Helping parents of gifted/GTLD (gifted and/or talented with learning differences) children typically focuses on targeted resources for the child’s needs. Whether or not acknowledged, many parents of gifted/GTLD/2E(twice exceptional) are traumatized as they experience and triage the intense behaviors of their children. What becomes possible when parents find a resource focused on their needs as parents of these children? This presentation will provide you with information on how specialized parent coaching meets the unique needs/challenges faced by parents of gifted/GTLD children. It will cover the coach/parent collaboration process, the gifted/GTLD-customization of parenting tools, and how these combine to optimize gifted/GTLD children’s development. 
         Illinois Association of Gifted Children (IAGC) Conference,  
         Naperville, IL
         February 2, 2017 
         Conference details – fee, program, and registration


  • Fun with “First Feelings FingerPrints”, Our Here-and-Now Superpower
    Fun, inspiring, adult-savvy, child-friendly processes: Learn songs, gestures, and mindfulness and self-compassion practices for promoting self-awareness and healthy processing of “First Feelings Fingerprints” (Elias, et. al) – the bodily signs that survival mode is turning on. Open to the public free of charge with RSVP – Collaboration for Early Childhood 2017 “Here-and-Now” Symposium 
         Collaboration for Early Childhood Symposium, Oak Park, IL
         February 25, 2017 
         Collab4Kids details and registration


  • Three Keys to De-escalating and Preventing Reactive Anger and Worry  
    This is for parents who would appreciate support in creating a consistent shift in mindset, words, and deeds – prioritizing Self-Calming and Self/Inner-Care; getting themselves to actually pause in the heat of the moments of life; and using self-talk templates in the service of self-calming and inner-care in the midst of the many potentially angering and worrisome situations of everyday life. 
    Open to the public, voluntary contribution, Community Wellness Center of LaGrange
         Community Wellness Center, LaGrange, IL
         February 28, 2017  
         3-Keys, Center’s details and registration


Sheryl Stoller is a featured guest



– On “RadioIslam” 1450AM  Soundcloud.com RadioIslam, October 13, 2015 – Sheryl’s segment begins at minute 27:40.


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National P20 Talks conference!

“Using Reassurance to Climb to New Heights With Our Emotions”

Stoller Parent Coaching on Television

How to ensure that parent-child relationships

are not undermined by screen-gadgets,

               on NBC5 Chicago Weekend Morning News

Explaining parent coaching,

               on NBC5 Chicago Weekend Morning News

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